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Ways to live with art

Yesterday I was chatting with one of my friends about how to achieve zen in a room.  Our number one question was how to display art and pictures on our walls? Without looking like a Pinterest disaster lol.... How many of you are good at creating a cohesive room?  Cause I know I’m not!

Soooo I decide to research some ways to live with art, and how to bring a room together.

Best three tips that I found—>  

Number one

Create a color palette, this is what I do for every painting.... It helps me stay focused on what colors work well together. The same for designing a room. A palette of about 5-6 colors is good. That way you can have some freedom with out feeling like the room is all over the place. 

Number two

Hanging art is always tricky for my husband and I. He’s 6’ I’m 5’4, so what he sees vs what I see can be very different. A general rule of thumb when hanging art is to measure 60” from the floor to the middle of the art. Art should be hung in proportion to the eyes.... well cause we all want to see it right? Whether tall or short! 

If you are hanging your art work above a couch chair or bed, it should be about 8 inches above the furniture. This way the fear of hitting your head and or not being able to see the art is not a problem.  

For me I personally love to go big. I love huge statement pieces. They make the room, and take you to another dimension. You know when you see those photos on Pinterest and your like WOW look at that art, mirror or picture. Then say in your head (I bet that cost a fortune!) Lol number one I doubt it cost a fortune and you have to look at art as a piece of furniture. Something to last forever, especially if it’s an original! Okay so after you’ve measured your wall... used your saved money and bought the piece of art you’ve been eyeing. 

Now we hang it. A good tip is to tape up your wall with the blue painters tape. That way if you’re anything like me (very visual) you see where the piece fits. And your not nailing the crap out of your wall like I’ve done many a time! Another tip is after the piece is hung take a picture of it and then ask yourself does this look too high or too low? Is it centered in the space properly? Is the piece too small? 

By the way if you feel like the piece is too small add a few more pieces of art or pictures to form a gallery wall. This will help fill the wall properly. The art you choose should fill at least a half to two thirds of the wall space. It really brings the space together. 

Number three

A few things to think about. Rugs, throw pillows and decor. Rugs should never be an island! Furniture should always be somehow connected. Just look on Pinterest at the flow from wall, furniture to rug each transition is smooth. Throw pillows are an excuse to add fun! Brings out that color palette you chose. Also something to think about is clutter. I’m so guilty of this! That thing I bought 10 years ago that I really want to work and just isn’t, it’s time to let it go....ugh. Minimalism will feel so much better, and when you add to your room add in layers. The connection will feel more cohesive.

Lastly and I think that this is truly the MOST IMPORTANT ::: creativity is your friend! Let your self go a little don’t feel like the space has to be perfect. And practice makes perfect!! I’m still practicing that’s for sure! 

Do you have any good tips to add? Thanks for reading! 

Much love my peeps  


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“Free Yourself Up”

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