Savanna elise


IF YOU'RE READING THIS, you are looking to get to know a little about me. Unfortunately, I am not a novelist. I am not great with expressing myself through literacy. I struggle with telling people how I feel and what I feel. But I do feel. Emotion is a big part of my life - it fuels me, and it drives my art. The best way to truly know me is to view my art and interpret it for what it is - my emotions put to canvas. 

I hope we can share some sentiments through my art. I hope you can understand me, my love, my hurt, my frustration - my art. 

The boring but sometimes interesting stuff: I am a Utah-native, born to have the mountain wind in my hair and the sun on my face. I'm in my 30s (ugh), love my family, and have a natural affinity for the medical world.

My Process:

Much of my art is an internalization of the Utah landscape. Each color resonates an emotion, sometimes if only a fragmented emotion. Although some colors burn stronger and clearer than others, each contribute to the canvas as a whole. Just as no one memory can be reduced down to a single emotion, each piece expresses an array of thoughts, feelings, and experiences - layers of what makes a memory memorable. 

I try to capture the soul of nature to create something familiar but somehow hidden, to allow the viewer to discover their own connection. 

I have never been very good at pre-sketching. In fact my art is very rarely preplanned. I have an idea, a visual inspiration, so I find the colors that speak to me and paint. Sometimes I guide the canvas's emotion and sometimes it guides mine. 

Family is important to me. My late grandmother, Elise, left me her studio and her name. She put the first paint brush in my hand and instilled a love of nature within me. Her loving encouragement has always guided my brush. I feel the most powerful urge to paint from experiencing nature, traveling and those fresh air smells.  Artists I seek to understand: Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Georgia O'Keefe, and Willem de Kooning.

I hope you can really learn more about me through my art. Feel free to let me know any way that, perhaps, I have connected with someone through expressing myself on canvas. 

Much Love,