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I am an artist, functioning outside the realm of mainstream art. I think my favorite thing I get asked is what is it supposed to be? I always giggle a little and then I say you tell me. What do you see? Which then allows the viewer to stop the movment around them and focus on how they feel and where the painting takes them. My desire to express emotion outside the confines of realistic form drives my art. I am constantly reinventing myself through my art. As my work has grown, I have moved into an abstract expressionism style. I love building layers and adding details that draw the viewer in, allowing them to follow along. I see my paintings as visual guides, attaching places I've been with an emotion or a memory. I paint my affiliation with a particular place by deconstructing them into fragments of a memory. I try to capture the soul and raw texture of nature, create something familiar but somewhat ambiguous to allow the viewer to find their own path. My paintings are my interpretation of the world I live in. I have noticed that each piece starts molding to my emotion as well. I am constantly adjusting the way I paint. It has been very challenging at times, creating something so raw. I have never been very good at pre-sketching. In fact my art is very rarely preplanned. I have an idea, a visual inspiration, find the colors that speak to me and move forward. 


My grandma has been an inspiration throughout my life, peace be with her. Her name was Elise. What a beautiful name. When I hear her name the sun pulls that sweet smell of rain from the clouds to me. Her love for Mother Earth was so intoxicating and has always touched me deeply. She was an amazing artist. Sometimes I feel sad that I never took full advantage of her knowledge. As her studio has now become mine I feel her guiding light inspiring me.

My inspiration is eclectic, loving music, nature, travel and those fresh air smells.  Artists who I've found my own love for are: Claude Monte, Andy Warhol, Georgia O'Keefe, and Willem de Kooning. I love seeing the modern interpretation of art that has flooded the Internet.